After a long day, many of us are eager to put on our cozy outfit that’s waiting for us at home. The experience is so pleasant that we would love to prolong the comfort out in public, but we restrain from doing so as it may be perceived as lazy or as a lack of elegance. The intention of ChillWorks is to break the boundaries between comfort and elegance by making knitted pants for an entire spectrum of settings.
Founded in 2016, ChillWorks uses only luxurious natural yarns in order to enhance the pants’ soft profile, while keeping the environmental footprint of production low, relative to the use of synthetic fibres. Initially, our aim was to make elegant knitted pants, but with time, we found a more significant calling; to turn any moment of the day into a unique sensory experience.
The conception stage of the pants was the most strenuous, yet exciting period for us at ChillWorks, being such a unique product with no reference points. An extensive amount of research was put into the pursuit of the perfect natural yarns, in order to provide a hand-made pant with an elegant design. This was possible through a continuous collaboration with the artisans behind the scenes, who have mastered difficult technical skills in their wonderfully rich past that precedes them.
The entire ChillWorks supply chain is located in Italy, where tradition and innovation meet to create the highest quality standards. We are only working with selected, trusted partners who operate sustainably and are true ambassadors of the tradition in their jobs. We believe it is important to be transparent and put forward the craftsman that is behind the magic.